Thank you for your interest in SCurve Automotive, Right now we are a small garage doing BIG things. We can't express enough how happy you'll be when you leave our shop. We GUARANTY the lowest prices and at top quality work. We are friendly people always trying to make a differance by getting you back on the road without burning a hole in your pocket, So give us a call or just stop on by and see what we can do for you.



We love our work and we love making people happy. We GUARANTY the lowest prices and at top quality work. We don't just have any ol' mechanics either. We only hire to our standards of experiance. It takes more then just a piece of paper from a school to fix a car. We base our experiance on knowledge you can only teach yourself, That's hands on experiance, 20 years of it. So why not choose us, Where you know your vehical will be fixed the first time.

We try not to keep our rates high. like other shops, but we do need to pay the bills.


Unless prorated, We charge 36/hr and we also offer payment plans.

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8a to 5p and Saturday by appointment only, We will not be open on Sundays.

We don't do this kind of work because we have to, We do it because its what we love. So we are here to help you with all of your vehical needs in anyway we can. So if your a little sort on cash or inbetween checks, Don't swet it, We got a plan for you.

You may wounder why every shop has a parts price increase. Well the main purpose behind it is because as a buisness, every shop wants to make there customers happy so we insure our work with a so many day guaranty. So in a since, its a insurance policy on the parts you have put on your vehical. Tho most shops charge 400%, We only see the need for 20%.



You may ask what it is that we do! Well if you haven't figured it out by now, I'll tell you.


We are a Complete Automotive Repair Serice (CARS). In other words a mechanic shop.


Click the button below to see all kindas of jobs that we do on a regular basis, Along with prices and qoutes of each job you see, to get a pretty good idea of what to look forward to.




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